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Bike Friendly Resources


This section includes reports and information on cycling advocacy, policy recommendations and future direction for safe cycling initiatives at the provincial and local levels.

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    From Niche to Now: Cycle Tourism in Ontario

    A report on the state of Ontario's Cycle Tourism Sector, February 2015

    From Niche to Now PDF

    City of Sarnia Master Transportation Plan

    The plan called "Get Around", Sarnia's Transportation Master Plan was developed around the following objectives:
    • Identify existing and future levels of travel demand throughout the City.
    • Outline the transportation infrastructure needed to ensure safe and efficient movement of people, goods and service for the economic growth and prosperity of the City.
    • Develop polices and guidelines for all modes of transportation in the city, including walking, cycling, transit, goods movement and roads, and that also support rail, air and marine service.
    • Review Sarnia Transit and Care-a-Van services to provide recommendations for improved service delivery and efficiency.

    Get Around Sarnia

    Lambton County Active Transportation Survey Report

    The "Have Your Say" Active Transportation Survey was created to identify residents' barriers to being physically active and to gauge interest in having additional active transportation and outdoor recreation options in their respective community. Active Transportation is about using human-powered modes of transportation (walking, biking, transit, etc.) to get to your destination. Since transit users must walk or bike to access transit, it is considered a mode of active transportation. - PDF

    Ontario Cycling Strategy

    Ontario's Cycling Strategy looks ahead 20 years and outlines what needs to be done to promote cycling across the province as a viable mode of transportation. The full strategy outline can be accessed at; Ontario Cycling Strategy

    Coroner's Report on Cycling Deaths

    A Review of All Accidental Cycling Deaths in Ontario from January 1st, 2006 to December 31st, 2010 - PDF

    When Ontario Bikes, Ontario Benefits - A Green Paper on Bicycling in Ontario (Share the Road Cycling Coalition)

    The Green Paper demonstrates, there are a variety of important reasons, rooted in research, why bicycling can and should be seen as a solution to the numerous challenges facing our society. The document provides clear advice and priorities to the Ontario government in terms of how it can and should play a role in making Ontario more bicycles friendly.

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